March 2012, Version 2012

cdma2000 M2M Numbering Recommendations System Requirements Document

Standard Details

Revision: 2012

Published date: March 2012

Committee: TR-45 I Mobile and Point-to-Point Communications Standards

Standard Abstract

This document is focused on the numbering, identification, and addressing aspects of M2M technologies and services using 3GPP2 specifications. The following activities were executed in the development of this document:

  • Consideration of issues related to M2M numbering and addressing schemes;
  • Investigation of global M2M numbering issues and liaison with industry M2M committees, relevant stakeholders and fora;
  • Determination of M2M numbering impacts regarding addressing (e.g., E.164 MSISDNs, IMSI) and device identification (e.g., IMEI, MEID) in a fashion that is complementary to the work of other groups;
  • Consideration of other terminology for M2M (e.g., (MTC) Machine Type Communications and (SDC) Smart Device Communications);
  • Evaluation of proposals for M2M numbering resources while identifying numbering methods that consider potential negative impacts on legacy numbering and back office systems.

Terminology used in this report, unless otherwise specified, is limited to the context of cdma2000 protocols