August 2003, Version C

Minimum Standards for Communications Antennas, Base Station Antennas

Standard Details

Revision: C

Published date: August 2003

Committee: TR-8 | Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards

Standard Abstract

The test conditions, and methods of measurement of base or fixed station antennas in the Land-Mobile Services are presented for establishing conformance to the performance requirements. The supplementary terms and definitions and the conditions of measurement set forth in this Standard are intended for typical tests and may be used also for acceptance tests.

For the purpose of this Standard, an antenna is defined as a device for coupling a transmission line to space for the purpose of radiating or receiving electromagnetic waves. It includes any matching, balancing, phasing or other coupling devices up to the point of connection of the transmission line. Base or fixed station antennas are electromagnetic radiators or combinations thereof in arrays used for the mobile communication services at the base station or fixed station in a radio relay link.