Mike Regan

Vice President of Business Performance

Mike Regan leads the activities of the Telecommunication Industry Association’s (TIA) QuEST Forum with a focus on business performance improvement standards and associated activities.

Prior to joining TIA, Mike completed a successful 30+ year career as a senior engineering leader.

He has led large development organizations delivering complex communications and networking products deployed in the business-critical production networks of premier public service providers, global cloud platforms, large enterprises and customer engagement centers. His diverse experience spans from being a founding team and early-stage member of multiple VC-backed start-up companies up to billion-dollar enterprises.

His responsibilities have included all aspects of product development: strategy and roadmap, technology assessment, architecture, development, maintenance, quality assurance, test automation, DevSecOps, systems integration, compliance, security, project management, product management, tooling, operations, technical publications, and vendor / partner management.

Mike leverages his personal experiences in progressing the initiatives of the TIA QuEST Forum by working with industry participants, network operators and government agencies in the development and adoption of new standards for the Information and Communications Technology industry with a focus on product quality, software development, cyber-security and supply chain security.

Mike holds a B.S.E.E. from Northeastern University, Boston.