White Paper: Where is the Edge?

The Edge is everywhere we and our devices go, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down. To support the many emerging businesses and consumer applications that need to fully and successfully work together, data processing needs to happen in real time. And it needs to happen at The Edge.

But what constitutes the Edge, and how do we keep its true meaning from getting lost in translation?

That’s where TIA comes in.

We’re working to define a common language for the Edge compute model in an effort to move the industry towards a more consistent set of standards for ensuring high-performance, resilient, and secure Edge data centers. In this white paper, we will:

  • give an overview of how internet technology has evolved to drive migration to the Edge
  • take a closer look at the different forms of the Edge, including the global distribution of data out to the Far Edge
  • explain the Far Edge model, its five defining characteristics, and the challenges that arise as we continue to decentralize and move closer to connected users and devices.