White Paper: Building Operating Systems

From design and procurement to deployment and data management, this white paper helps commercial real estate building managers and operators determine a best fit strategy to develop and manage smarter buildings with a centralized Building Operating System.

Written by several members of the TIA Smart Building Technology Program’s Industry Working Group, this white paper walks through the various stages of the process to provide guidance on reducing siloed systems, converging OT with IT to produce performance improvements and smarter outcomes for technology investments.

In this paper, we explore how to design and deploy a smart building based on an operating system model to help ensure technology flexibility, reduced construction and operational costs, improved return on investment (ROI), and a better and more productive occupant experience.

This paper also examines how new smart building technologies like power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled edge devices, Digital Twins, and Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) are emerging with new benefits for enabling growth in the asset’s value and greater appeal to employees and tenants.