TIA TR60 ICT Lifecycle Management: An Industry-Driven Standard for Reducing Cost and Risk

The ICT environments of medium-to-large enterprises and government agencies are becoming increasingly complex. This spans all industries including financial, retail, healthcare, education, and much more. New technologies such as IoT/IIoT, edge computing, cloud computing, and smart technologies are constantly being introduced. This is often happening amidst evolving business practices, staff and supplier changes, and heightened risk of cyberattack. Managing ICT infrastructure is becoming more complicated and challenging than ever before.  Even 5G deployments need to be LCM-aware to maintain the level of service customers demand.

To address these challenges, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is leading the way with the first-ever ICT Lifecycle Management standard that will provide common processes and procedures that can be followed across organizational teams and their technology partners—from IT, data center, and facilities managers, to integrators, contractors, and service providers.

This paper describes the challenge and opportunity that comes with lifecycle management and how a new standard can help organizations regain control and visibility across their ICT network infrastructure.