TIA Expresses Disappointment Over Release of Final Section 301 Tariff List

Arlington, VA (June 15, 2018) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, today issued a statement after the release of a final list of items that will be subject to 25 percent tariffs following the Section 301 investigation.

The list includes a number of inputs used in the U.S.-based manufacturing of telecom goods.

“We are extremely disappointed that the Administration has opted to employ this trade remedy,” said TIA’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Cinnamon Rogers. “The Section 301 investigation was undertaken in response to China’s unfair trade practices. But the Administration’s response stands to hurt one of the most innovative sectors of the American economy, making it more expensive to manufacture advanced telecom products here in the United States. This could result in job losses as well as higher costs for consumers.”

USTR also issued a new draft list of items it plans to subject to tariffs. TIA is still reviewing that list.

On May 11, TIA submitted comments to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative explaining how the imposition of duties will raise manufacturing costs for a wide variety of information and communications technology products.    


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