Telecommunications Industry Association Supports Key Tenets of National Cyber Strategy Rollout

Recently released SCS 9001 C/SCRM Standard Helps Meet Objectives

Arlington, VA (March 02, 2023) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the trusted industry association for the connected world, today announced its support for the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy.

“TIA supports the goals laid out by the Administration for securing our critical digital infrastructure,” said David Stehlin, CEO of TIA.  “We appreciate the Report’s recognition that robust collaboration, particularly between the public and private sectors, is essential to securing cyberspace.”

TIA is a leading U.S.-based standards development organization (SDO) and early in 2022, proactively released SCS 9001, the first Cyber and Supply Chain Security Standard for the information communications technology (ICT) sector. The standard can be applied to any type of network or connected technology, spanning from IoT devices to critical infrastructure networks.

“SCS 9001 is a process-based standard and available to any organization seeking to improve their ICT supply chain and cybersecurity business performance,” said Stehlin. “SCS 9001 is an independently verifiable and certifiable standard that promotes security and recognizes it must be built into products and not bolted on, which is consistent with the objective of the ‘secure- and resilient-by-design’ principles laid out in the National Cybersecurity Report.”

“SCS 9001 is in total alignment with the Administration’s goals to ‘secure emerging technologies, enable interoperability, foster global market competition, and protect our national security and economic advantage.’  We look forward to working with the Administration through its support of non-government SDO’s and ‘long-term, strategic collaboration between public and private sectors at home and abroad…” to help address these challenges,” added Stehlin.

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