Our Commitment to Serving Our Members

Dear TIA Members, Participants and Partners,

In these times of rising concerns and rapid transitions, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. While we should all certainly be careful and conservative so we remain healthy, we also know that we must continue to build a better communications infrastructure which doesn’t just happen, it requires careful planning, innovation and hard work. Although TIA staff is now working from home, I want you to know that we are working just as hard for you now as we ever have before.

In the past month TIA, with support from its members and participants, has:

  • launched TR-60, a committee preparing a new standard on ICT Lifecycle Management,
  • published a series of papers on the importance of Edge Data Centers to help enable successful 5G rollouts
  • updated the TL 9000 R5.7 Measurements Handbook
  • added new enhancements to our Sustainability Assessor tool
  • met with representatives from the offices of the President and the Vice President and
  • supported Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge and the President’s signing of the new Secure and Trusted Communications Network Act.

Just last week we had meaningful, individual discussions with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and Commissioner Geoffrey Starks about the important work that TIA and its members are doing to improve our communications solutions and networks. They each are very supportive as we work to further enable 5G rollouts and ensure the security of our supply chain.

Most of all, at this time, I’d like to take the time to recognize all the hardworking telecommunications industry professionals who are on the front lines working to keep our networks running and everyone connected. This is the time to come together and remember our economy and lives depend on a reliable and secure infrastructure – from medical and healthcare to manufacturing to energy to working and schooling from home – we are proud our industry members who have stepped up to represent the best of ICT innovation.


David S. Stehlin
Chief Executive Officer
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)