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Monday, September 21, 2020, 10:00 am - EDT
Thursday, September 24, 2020, 1:00 pm - EDT
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Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment

Home Electronic Systems

Title: Agenda for WG 1 meeting to be held via Zoom teleconference September 14-18 and 21-24, 2020 (for 2-3 hours each day) at 14:00 UTC, which corresponds to:

Western Canada/USA           7 AM (07:00)

Mountain Canada/USA          8 AM (08:00)

Eastern Canada/USA          10 AM (10:00)

Ireland/United Kingdom         3 PM (15:00)

Central Europe                        4 PM (16:00)

Kenya                                       5 PM (17:00)

India                                    7:30 PM (19:30)

China                                      10 PM (22:00)

Japan/South Korea              11 PM (23:00)

Sydney                               Midnight (00:00)  (next day)


Meeting ID: 939 9490 5114

Password: 559840

Source: Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
(Dr. Kenneth P. Wacks)

Project: 25.01  Next Meeting of Working Group 1

Status: DRAFT agenda for comment and update

Requested Action: Review, update and propose changes and additions to the WG 1 Convenor

Distribution: P-, L-, O- Members of SC 25/WG 1

  1. Opening of the meeting (Wacks) [Names listed: project manager, liaison, secretary, or convenor]
  2. Review and approval of agenda (Wacks)
    • Update of participant roster/mailing list [WG1-N2193]
    • Review agenda and assign new contributions (Wacks) [WG1-N2176a]
  3. Approval of unconfirmed minutes of previous meeting
    • Review minutes of previous meeting (Schoechle) [WG1-N2192]
    • Review Action Items (Wacks) [WG1-N2170]
  4. Liaison reports and other reports
    • JTC 1 liaisons
      • JTC 1 Information Technology (IT) (Schoechle) [WG1-N2163, N2162, N2161, N2120, N1999]
      • JTC 1/SC 25 Interconnection of IT Equipment (Wacks) [WG1-N2128, N2137-2139]
      • JTC 1/SC 25 WG3 Premises Wiring (Hess) [WG1-N2029, N1932, N1931]
      • JTC 1/SC 25 PTTT (Kaijser) (Discuss IoT terminology/taxonomy) [WG1-N2206, N2207]
      • JTC 1/SC 27 IT Security Techniques (Kaijser) [WG1-N2129, N2116, N2117, N2133-2135]
      • JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, Coding of moving pictures and audio
      • JTC 1/SC 41 IoT, (Schoechle) [WG1-N2120, N2123]
      • JTC 1/SC 42 AI, (Wacks) [WG1-N2122]
      • ITU-T [WG1-N2129]
    • ISO liaisons
      • ISO TC 205 WG 3 Building Automation & Protocols (Langels/Wacks)
    • IEC liaisons
      • IEC IEV International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (Wacks) [WG1-N1816]
      • IEC TC 23 Electrical Accessories (Schoechle) [WG1-N2185 to N2188]
      • IEC TC 34 Lamps and related equipment (Wacks) [WG1-N2010]
      • IEC TC 57/WG 21 Smart Grid User Interface (Wacks)
      • IEC TC 59 Performance of Household Appliances (Peter)
      • IEC TC 61 Safety of Household Appliances (Peter)
      • IEC TC 64 Electrical installations and protection [of equipment and personnel] against electric shock (Tomasina);
      • IEC SEG 9 Smart Home/Office Building Systems, (Peter) [WG1-N2062, N2071, N2072]
      • IEC SyC Active Assisted Living WG5, AAL in the connected home environment (Peter) [WG1-N2124, N2125, N2126]
      • IEC SyC Smart Cities (Otieno) [WG1-N2028, 25N1938]
      • IEC SyC Smart Energy (Wacks) [WG1-N2127]
    • National and regional standards developing organisation liaisons
      • CTA (Consumer Technology Association) R7 “Consumer Electronics Networking Committee,” CTA R7.8 “Modular Communications Interface for Energy Management,” and R14, “IoT Cybersecurity and Privacy Management” (Wacks)
      • CENELEC TC 205 WG18, Smart Grids (Langels, Tomasina)
    • Other liaisons
      • GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) (Wacks)
      • Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) (Wacks)
  1. Activity reports: NURI [WG1-N2199], CTA, DDS (Data Distribution Service for smart grids), SolarNetwork
  2. Review and discussion of the HES Work Program
    • HES Architecture: ISO/IEC 14543
      • Part 4 (TR, not part of the Part 4 series), Home & building automation in a mixed-use building (Wacks) [No recent activity]
      • Parts 4-302, Echonet (Takebe) [WG1-N2194, N2195, N2196, SC25-N2920, SC25-N2929, WG1-N2132]
      • Part 5, Intelligent grouping and resource sharing (IGRS) (Ding) [5-103: WG1-2018a, N2019a; 5-104: WG1-N2024a, N2025a; 5-13: WG1-N2020, N2021; 5-141: WG1-N2022, N2023; 5-104: WG1-N2024, N2025; 5-105: WG1-N2026, N2027]
    • HES Guidelines for product interoperability: ISO/IEC 18012 (Schoechle) [WG1-N2142]; Interoperability framework [WG1-N1923, WG1-N1645]
      • Part 3: Lexicon, Working Draft [WG1- N2053c, N2158, N2157, N2153, N1953]
      • Part 4: Event encoding [WG1- N2140b, N2159, N2154]
    • HES Gateway: ISO/IEC 15045 (Schoechle) [WG1-N2142]
      • Part 3-1: Privacy, security, and safety [Voting results: WG1-N1985] [WG1-N1984b, N2031a, N1990]
      • Part 3-2: Privacy framework [Voting results: WG1-N1986] [WG1- N2141a, N2160, N2070, N2056-N2061, N1983, N1954c]
      • Part 4-1 Structural classes [WG1-N2054b]
      • Part 4-2 Simple gateway [WG1-N2184]
    • HES Application Services: ISO/IEC 15067 [WG1-N1925]
      • Part 2-1 (NWIP): Lighting control user interface (Bruce Nordman) [WG1-N2069, N2049]
      • Part 3-3: Model of interacting Energy Management Agents (EMAs) for demand-response energy management (Jin Seek Choi and Iy-Yeon Kim) [WG1-N1914, N1915, N1883, N1884, N1885a]
        • Part 3-30 (NWIP): Energy Management Agent (EMA) reference architecture [WG1-N2201, N2202]
        • Part 3-31 (NWIP): EMA protocol [WG1-N2179, N2180, N2181, N2016, N2017, N2030, N2065]
        • Part 3-34 (NWIP) Protocol of EMAs for smart appliances [WG1-N2190, N2191, N2143, N2144]
      • Part 3-51 (NWIP): AI-Based Device Controller Framework for EMA Function (Sunmoo Kang) [WG1-N2178, N21xx, N21xx, N2166, N2145, N2066l, SC25-N2937]
    • HES Interfaces
      • ISO/IEC 10192-3, Modular communications interface for energy management [Published November 29, 2017]
      • ISO/IEC 10192-4 series, Common user interface and interoperability among home systems (Ho-Jin Park)
        • ISO/IEC 10192-4-1, Architecture [WG1-2197, 2198, 2189, N2177, N2115, N2118, N2121, N2073c]
        • ISO/IEC 10192-4-2, Networks and Services [WG1-N2075c, N2076c]
        • ISO/IEC 10192-4-3, Messaging [WG1-N2077c, N2078c]
      • HES interfaces using single-pair Ethernet and fiber optics [WG1-N2146-48, N1937, N1881]
  1. Working party and project editing assignments during the meeting
  2. Reports from project editors/working party leaders
  3. Administrative (for fall meetings)
    • WG 1 Roadmap and Strategy (Schoechle)
    • Program of Work updates (Peter/Schoechle)
    • Liaison changes and requests (Wacks)
    • Resolutions (Schoechle)
    • Report on WG 1 for SC 25 (Wacks)
    • Business Plan for SC 25 (Wacks)
  4. Outreach and promotion (Wacks) [WG1-N1907a, HES Overview]
  5. New issues and new business
    • Standardization Administration of China (SAC) proposal for ISO Project Committee (PC) [WG1 N2203]
    • SAC Smart home guideline [WG1 N2204]
    • WG1 N2205: Proposed response from SC25 [WG1-N2205]
  6. Review of resolutions, action items, assignments, deliverables and schedule for next meeting (Wacks)
  7. Closing of the meeting (Wacks)