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Edge Data Centers

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Provide assurance, confidence and engagement across the supply chain so that a large ‘network’ of Edge Data Centers can be developed and managed.

This TIA Technology Community is focused on a range of pressing industry issues, including security, operational risk management, orchestration and scheduling of life-cycle management events across the supplier ecosystem, and open network topology management.

Bringing together carriers, data center owners, equipment and cabling suppliers, consultants, auditing firms, and others, to establish standards and best practices for the mass scale operation of edge data centers, this group also works to develop protocols to enable interoperability, authorization, access and movement between vendors and devices, facilitating data services across licensed and unlicensed operator networks.

NEW! A Future at The Edge: Edge Data Center Working Group Solutions Brief Papers

5G and the host of new technologies that will leverage low-latency communication at the edge require rethinking the way our telecommunications and data infrastructure is built and managed going forward. TIA’s Edge Data Center (EDC) Working Group has developed a series of Solution Brief Papers surrounding key considerations for deploying EDCs – from site selection and survivability, to physical security, thermal management, operations and more. Get the informative EDC Solutions Brief Paper series below.

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