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New Challenges
Bring New Opportunity

Open May 17 - June 11

The Covid-19 Pandemic had a sweeping impact on virtually every industry and company, globally. Values have changed, supply chains have been tested, some businesses have not survived, while others continue to thrive. The acceleration of business transformation has helped many organizations, yet it has also brought about new challenges. But with any challenge also comes new opportunity.

To help TIA’s members and participants better understand the pivots that are occurring around the ICT industry, we have partnered with Metrinomics to provide a user-friendly survey tool that will collect and summarize:

  • what you see as the industry’s significant business challenges
  • the opportunities that lie ahead 
  • the critical factors necessary to realize those opportunities

TIA would like to help our members and participants better understand these opportunities and accelerate our industry’s transformation. We ask for your support by sharing your stories and lessons learned from within your own organizations. We also encourage you to share this survey with your colleagues and peers.

Why take 15 minutes to provide input?

  • For those who may not have thought about needed pivots, it forces a critical self-assessment of your business
  • See how your story compares to other organizations
  • Get access to the stories collected during the feedback period
  • Help TIA assure that we working on the right initiatives to support your future growth areas
  • When the survey is complete see the full analysis summarizing all inputs

Our survey is intended to help you understand and overcome the challenges we all face in these times of change.

  • The survey is open and available from May 17th to June 4th
  • Take the short survey (approximately 15 minutes) which anonymously captures your views on challenges, opportunities, and critical success factors
    • The survey supports text or voice-to-text storytelling
  • Share the survey link with other members of your organization to ensure we capture a holistic view of your organizational challenges and opportunities
  • We will provide a summary of findings at our upcoming TIA Member's Meeting on June 22-23