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Network Service Assurance – Service Performance Reliability

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The telecommunications networks are transforming to deliver better application performance for new services required by the vertical industry segments going through digital transformation. Networks will need to deliver multiple levels of performance concurrently to accommodate such items as smart buildings, smart cities, automated factories, connected vehicles, remote healthcare, and AR/VR services.

Many key services require minimum guaranteed performances that demand new service performance reliability requirements for the telecommunication networks to provide an optimal subscriber experience.

In a dynamically orchestrated, virtualized, distributed, and sliced network, it will be essential to a provide a consistent method to measure the service performance over the network for each slice, sub-system and network element.

TIA’s Service Performance Reliability community of network operators, equipment vendors and service assurance companies focuses on creating the measurements methodology to measure and report Service Performance Reliability across the key elements of the next generation of networks. These measurements will become part of TL-9000.