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stack of open books

From TIA’s long-standing ICT Market Review & Forecast, to multiple reports, surveys and white papers covering the latest trends, recommended policies and technology applications being deployed to further accelerate connectivity across all markets, TIA has produced the following resources.

TIA Fuel Cell Reference Guide

The purpose of this reference guide is to provide an overview of regulations, codes, standards, permitting processes, fuel supply considerations, information, and technologies relating to the deployment of stationary fuel cells.

TIA Spectrum Sharing Research and Development White Paper

This white paper reviews current and proposed sources of R&D funding for spectrum research, and identifies some specific research and development areas that hold promising potential for rapidly advancing the state of spectrum sharing technology.

TIA Innovation White Paper: Securing the Network

TIA makes several recommendations regarding how policymakers can provide the owners and operators of critical infrastructure systems with the flexibility they need to address cyber threats as they evolve, along with recommendations for addressing ICT supply chain concerns.

TIA US ICT R&D Policy Report

TIA recommends a number of policies to advance U.S. leadership in the information and communications technology sector.

The Contributions of Information and Communication Technologies to American Growth, Productivity, Jobs and Prosperity

This study examines the role and impact of information and communications technologies in the American economy, and evaluates the likely effects of several policy proposals and choices that involve ICT.

TIA White Paper on Cloud Computing

This white paper investigates which TIA standards have potential interactions with clouds and proposes a strategy for acquiring the expertise to address interoperability issues between those standards and cloud standards.

Broadband Spectrum: The Engine for Innovation, Job Growth, and Advancement of Social Priorities

TIA supports the creation of mechanisms that will facilitate the fast, flexible re-purposing of spectrum for wireless broadband use.

Smart Grid Policy Roadmap: Consumer Focused and Technology Driven

This white paper provides ICT Industry perspective on how to maximize the benefits of the smart grid.

TIA White Paper: Investing in Telecom for Tomorrow’s Research Innovations

This white paper is about investing in telecom for tomorrow’s innovations and offers recommendations for telecommunications research and development.

2016 Insights and Intents

QuEST Forum looks back at 2015 and looks forward to 2016.