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Products & Services

TIA delivers solutions that drive market leadership across the ICT industry. Our suite of products and services include:

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Benchmarking as a Service

The QuESTMark platform provides a collaborative environment to establish meaningful performance comparison measures, assign relative performance, and examine best practices across the industry. It is based on internationally agreed upon protocols for participating organizations to establish, manage, and participate in performance comparison benchmarking studies. This new TIA service uses the same world-class-security as the TL…

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Video Production

With a HD and broadcast quality studio, we produce high-quality results with unparalleled expertise for the ICT industry

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From TIA’s long-standing ICT Market Review & Forecast, to multiple reports, surveys and white papers covering the latest trends, recommended policies and technology applications being deployed to further accelerate connectivity across all markets, TIA has produced the following resources.

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MEID Database

A Mobile Equipment IDentifier (MEID) is a globally unique 56-bit identification number for a physical piece of mobile station equipment.