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Assessing Smart Building Intelligence to Deliver Value, Optimized Operations, and Improved Occupant Experience

The industry is rapidly evolving as commercial real estate developers and building owners strive to enable smarter buildings where building systems converge and communicate over a unified IP-based infrastructure, enabling system integration that drives advanced automation for efficiency, optimized operations and enhanced occupant experiences. The implementation of 5G, edge data centers and broadband IoT connectivity combined with new applications now enable buildings to become more intelligent and valuable than ever, creating the critical foundation of larger smart cities and communities. But when it comes to investment strategy, planning, designing and deploying an entire smart building ecosystem, how do key stakeholders know they are making the right decisions for maximum building intelligence and sustainability that the future demands?

When: April 16, 2020 at 11:00am EST

Featured Industry Experts:

Brian Davis, Global Market Development Director for In-Building Networks at Corning

Luke Lucas, Senior Manager – National 5G SMART and In-Building Coverage at T-Mobile

Salla Palos, Director of Transformation Services at Microsoft

Moderated by: TIA

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