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Smiling Deaf woman using smartphone

Rapidly evolving technology offers an ever-increasing number of solutions and applications that allow for the inclusion of people with unique challenges. In order to address communities that face barriers to access – such as those with disabilities – TIA and its members work closely with advocates and policymakers to ensure all consumers benefit from today’s vibrant and innovative ecosystem.

Building Collaborative Solutions

Policy choices work best when stakeholders work together. Even better, when technology can be the solution. TIA works with fellow stakeholders to shape accessibility policy and practices that take full advantage of modern communications technology and pave the way for innovative solutions. TIA recommendations:

  • Crafting Policy Through Multistakeholder Processes: Accessibility by design necessitates ongoing conversation among a wide range of experts and interests to match the perennially evolving ICT landscape. As part of this practice, TIA participates in the Disability Advisory Committee to provide recommendations to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding accessibility policy. TIA often leads the charge, such as helping to craft the Joint Consensus Proposal adopted by the FCC in 2016, and in subsequent work to develop a task force to reexamine Hearing Aid Compatibility.
  • Driving Inclusive Design Through Voluntary, Consensus-Based Industry Standards: Technical solutions require an evergreen process that engages experts across the ICT industry to develop smart best practices. As an ANSI-accredited standard setting organization, TIA facilitates innovative accessibility standards and best practices that dynamically adapt to meet evolving needs over time.

Promoting Inclusive Access

As TIA and its members prioritize accessibility in technology design, we further promote accessibility to technology through outreach, education, and constructive dialogue – TIA events, videos, and other media provides a platform to address existing and emerging accessibility-related issues.

Stakeholder Resources

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