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Policy Issues

United States Capitol


TIA is at the center of high-tech connectivity. We represent manufacturers and suppliers that are leading the way in innovation by bringing to market next-generation networks, products and services. We are industry advocates, leading the conversations that help expand global investment opportunities and encourage innovation throughout the entire value chain.

TIA’s influence at the policy level is instrumental in these efforts as well. For more than 90 years, TIA’s government affairs team has led our association’s advocacy efforts. This comes through in-depth analysis of pending regulations and legislation, the development of strong relationships and representation of the interests of members and industry stakeholders alike.

By engaging with policymakers on both sides of the aisle in Congress and with independent federal agencies like the Federal Communications Commission, TIA is in a unique position to drive change. We advocate for policies that encourage innovation and investment in network infrastructure, maintain open markets around the world, and deliver wide societal benefits.

Smiling Deaf woman using smartphone


Advancing access to next-generation technologies facilitates life-changing opportunities for people with sensory and age-related limitations.


Broadband Deployment

Broadband connects people, provides economic and social benefits, and enables the networks of the future.

cyber ecosystem


Trust in our networks relies on a resilient cyber ecosystem, capable of adapting to today’s rapidly shifting threat landscape.

device testing

Equipment Authorization & Device Assurance

Ensuring quality and security is a crucial differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace for devices.

IPS Phone Specs

Intellectual Property & Standards

Policies that ensure appropriate intellectual property protections and the use of voluntary consensus standards are key for international cooperation and commerce.

internet of things

Internet of Things

IoT technologies will transform how people live, work and play, and will depend upon having unified and streamlined policy frameworks.

Net Neutrality Rainbow Cables

Net Neutrality

A free and open internet and the free flow of information and commerce that drives the U.S. economy.

Public Safety Fireman Radio

Public Safety

Effective and interoperable communications among both legacy and next-gen technologies saves lives and protects property.

Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security

ICT supply chains are global, dynamic, and complex, therefore supply chain risk management works best through consensus-based, industry-led processes. Industry-driven standard-setting efforts and public-private partnerships also play key roles.

Tech Workforce Female Engineer

Tech Workforce

Expanding and enhancing the skills of the workforce in STEM fields are essential in today’s competitive and evolving global marketplace.


Trade and Market Access

Ensuring fair trading rules, strong trade enforcement and market access for ICT products and cross-border data flows helps create global prosperity.