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Quality Assurance

quality assurance

Quality assurance is important cross-industry priorities. Device and network assurance are critical to secure, scalable and reliable connectivity, which enables all internet traffic and applications.

TIA, through its 2017 merger with QuEST Forum, provides the TL 9000 quality management system, along with sustainability standards and performance practices to connectivity service providers and vendors. The TL 9000 standard is the telecom industry’s unique extension to ISO 9001. The QuEST Forum community within TIA will continue to develop, implement and enhance the TL 9000 quality management system, along with sustainability standards and performance practices.

The TL 9000 standard addresses the supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry to protect the integrity and use of telecom hardware, software and services. To ensure quality, TL 9000 defines system requirements, eliminates the need for multiple quality management standards, and provides a consistent set of quality expectations across the global telecom supply chain.

GFSI…The Bumpy Road to Auditor Competency

​This webinar presented how the GFSI Auditor Competency Scheme Committee (ACSC) addressed auditory competency, both internal auditors and third-party certification bodies, that make or break the integrity of a company’s product.

Qualifications and Oversight Changes for TL 9000 CB Auditors

The webinar informed new CB TL 9000 auditor qualifications, oversight and audit requirements for effective third-party certification process.

​TL 9000 Worldwide Audit Findings Summary – The Facts & Trends

​For several years, QuEST Forum collected TL 9000 certification, recertification and surveillance audit finding statistics from all its Certification Bodies worldwide.

​ISO 9001:2015 – Where It Is Today and 7 Things You Need To Know Before Tomorrow

​Exclusive insight into ISO 9001:2015 from Dr. Nigel Croft, Quality Management Expert

Improving Sales Funnel Efficiency

​This webinar covered what to look for in sales opportunities, how to measure sales efficiency, questions to ask, how to drive to closure and tools for success.

Aerospace and ISO 9001

​This webinar included updates that are planned for the aerospace management system standard and the process used for the update.

​Economic Impact of Technology with NFV and Cloud Services

​For small businesses that want to stay competitive and win business with ICT service providers and suppliers; talking the talk is a priority.

TL 9000 R6.0 Requirements & ISO 9001:2015

This webinar was a presentation by QuEST Forum Integrated Global Quality (IGQ) leaders on the plan to update TL 9000 R6.0 requirements to include ISO 9001:2015.

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

​Demetrios Gianniris shared best practices for businesses to protect themselves from this real threat in today’s increasingly digital society.

Opportunities for Engagement

​This webinar was led by Steven Choy and Ed Byan and addressed opportunities for engagement.

Fail not, with ISO 9001:2015

​Risk management deals effectively with opportunities, threats and disastrous events.

The Value of Making it Easy – How Companies Can Prosper by Improving Customer Ease of Doing Business

​In this webinar Noah Grayson and Pat Gibbons revealed new research about the potential impact of making it easier for customers to do business with a company.