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Quality Assurance

quality assurance

Quality assurance is important cross-industry priorities. Device and network assurance are critical to secure, scalable and reliable connectivity, which enables all internet traffic and applications.

TIA, through its 2017 merger with QuEST Forum, provides the TL 9000 quality management system, along with sustainability standards and performance practices to connectivity service providers and vendors. The TL 9000 standard is the telecom industry’s unique extension to ISO 9001. The QuEST Forum community within TIA will continue to develop, implement and enhance the TL 9000 quality management system, along with sustainability standards and performance practices.

The TL 9000 standard addresses the supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry to protect the integrity and use of telecom hardware, software and services. To ensure quality, TL 9000 defines system requirements, eliminates the need for multiple quality management standards, and provides a consistent set of quality expectations across the global telecom supply chain.

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TIA's Business Performance Oversight Working Group is designed to ensure the integrity of the TL 9000 certification program and support promotion of all Business Performance Community products and activities.

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Performance Data Reports (PDRs)

The Business Performance Community’s Benchmarking Initiative provides it members companies benchmarking for comparing their company’s performance with others.

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​EMEA Region

The Business Performance’s EMEA Region works to facilitate activity and engagement in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This regional team delivers distinctive value by connecting the TL 9000 implementation and the BPC’s value proposition to its business environments.

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​Korea Hub

The Korea Hub is active in the Business Performance Community’s APAC Region operations and extensively supports the BPC’s global activities.

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​Japan Hub

The Japan Hub supports both the Business Performance Community’s APAC Region and also participates extensively in the BPC’s worldwide programs.

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​India Hub

The India Hub is active in the Asia Pacific regional operations of the BPC as well as extensively supporting its global activities.

China Hub
China Hub

The China Hub is active in the Business Performance Community’s APAC Region and supports the BPC’s Global Activities.

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APAC Region

The Business Performance Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region supports rapid regional growth with operational hubs in China, India, and Japan, as well as participation in Korea and other countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

​Americas Region

The Business Performance Community Americas Region seeks to advance TIA’s strategic objectives, services and products in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

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TIA's Business Performance Community has created a flexible structure of regions and hubs to ably reach, share, discuss and support the collective, yet unique needs of its global stakeholders. These global regions address the geographical quality needs, locally support geo-specific issues, and provide valuable inputs to the BPC Working Groups.

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Network Function Virtualization

Led by a team of companies whose products and services are used in the development, deployment, and use of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), TIA's NFV initiative clarifies and prioritizes the ICT industry’s current NFV quality and performance reliability issues.

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Cost of Poor Quality

The five measures of benchmarking to measure for poor quality are software defects, penalties, customer reported defects, hardware repairs and scrap.